How To Get Followers On Soundcloud


Anything is possible with the internet these days. You can try building a nice community on Souncloud by interacting with people, but that will take a very long time for establishing you. In the end you have to buy soundcloud followers no matter what it takes. Soundcloudpromotions is offering many great deals for first time buyers and I think this big name can assist you in the promotional activities on soundcloud. In the mean time you can do some quick tricks to get an audience. By using the TAG feature properly, you can get some followers, it will be difficult and slow but it works.

The Online advertising assists artists to achieve a bigger platform and potent charm  another market. Due to the fact that a variety of social networking and public domain stages rise, online promotional activities help in figuring out how to expand an individual with great fortunes. It likewise educates those in the industry to create and map a nice structure for their future. In regards of famous music networking site Soundcloud,

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Chapters Turns a New (Web) Page


Selling books online is one of the few electronic commerce activities showing a profit – and Chapters Inc. plans to get in on the game. Starting this fall, the nation’s leading book retailer, and The Globe and Mail, will launch an online book mall offering one of the most eclectic selection of titles in cyberspace.

The Web site, located at, will offer a mix of book news, views and reviews from The Globe and Mail, over two million titles from Chapters, and a national calendar of book-related events.

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Don’t Worry – the MAI is Alive and Well


On April 29th, The Globe and Mail tried to explain to its readers How the Net Killed the MAI in a front-page news article. By all accounts, from any grassroots groups spoken to who opposed the MAI, the pretense that “grassroots groups used their own globalization (the Internet) to derail the deal” was quite a stretch. This seemed to be the Globe’s way of admitting there was large grassroots opposition without having to spell out the debate to its readers, for fear of making the content of the MAI known.

Editorials in the Globe in the past few weeks tried to assure readers that, like Seinfeld, it is an “agreement about nothing”.
The MAI is the Multilateral Agreement on Investments. Grassroots opposition to the agreement has been much greater than anyone in the major media had predicted. Editorials in the Globe in the past few weeks tried to assure readers that, like Seinfeld, it is an “agreement about nothing”. But according to John Urquhart, the Communications Officer for the Council of Canadians, it’s quite the contrary. Urquhart said the MAI is not an agreement that invests in countries or democracies, and exists only to gain security for the large multinationals and the companies they do business with.

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Starnet Communications


No. 5 Orange is Vancouver’s best-known strip club. In the eighties it was Bon Jovi’s watering hole, while they worked on the first platinum album. In the nineties, David Duchovny, was on a first name basis with the waitresses. And now, thanks to the bar’s Internet video streamline, No. 5 Orange has a global audience.

“Starnet Communications, rumored to have links to the Hells Angels, and with foreign subsidiaries growing faster than a 16-year-old boy can climax, has emerged as a world leader in providing the type of entertainment services adults secretly indulge in.”
For $19.95 USD, online clients receive a Gold Monthly Membership to Club Sizzle, a web site that allows free access to a variety of live strip shows. If clients get bored, a click of the mouse will connect them to their choice of a private fantasy girl.

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Seattle’s Lifestyle Mirrored on Web


Anyone who has shopped at Seattle’s Archie McPhee store knows they’ll spend an average of 45 minutes in this wacky toy venue. Visitors to the web site ( can plan on spending the same amount of time browsing through over 500 weird items ranging from gorilla pencil sharpeners to wiggling musical hula dolls to the all time favorite gooey eyeball magnets. Divided into several sections including Archie’s Attic, the Sci-Fi Files and Relics & Icons, it’s hard not to make a purchase (all online orders come with two free gifts).

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